E-file 7004 Form to IRS

Use Form 7004 to request an automatic extension of time to file certain business income tax, information, and other returns. The extension will be granted if you complete Form 7004 properly, make a proper estimate of the tax (if applicable), file the form by the due date of the return to which the Form 7004 applies, and pay any tax that is due.

Filing IRS Form 7004 does not mean that taxes do not need to be paid for 7 months. Taxes will still be due on the traditional deadline, but the tax return does not need to be organized and submitted until the later deadline. This allows for more time to organize all the necessary paperwork and it also gives you and your accountant more time to make sure that you get the most out of your credits or refunds.

ExpressExtension.com provides you to file the extensions with low prices through Online. Filing of tax returns for individuals, Businesses, Partnerships, and certain Trusts may be extended up to 7 months using Tax Extension.

In addition to E-Filing Federal Tax Extensions, you can also E-File State Tax Extensions with ExpressExtension. Once your Federal Tax Extension has been filed, you can choose “State Extension” from the dashboard.

ExpressExtension currently offers state extensions for South Carolina, Illinois, Florida, Michigan and North Carolina. For all others states, we offer detailed information on how to file your state extension.

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How To E-File 7004 Tax Extension Form ?

E-filing a tax extension is easy as 1-2-3, and it can be done in just minutes. Here's how it works:

E-File 7004 Now

About ExpressExtension

ExpressExtension is an IRS authorized E-File Provider. ExpressExtension is IRS authorized, safe, secure and encrypted. The great advantage of E-Filing 7004 form is the speed at which the return can be accepted. Once the form is submitted through Expressextension.com. It is typically accepted within minutes of filing.

ExpressExtension is the safest, fastest, most efficient, and most affordable way to file a tax extension with the IRS.

(Prices starting at $12.95, it is easily the best value of any Tax Extension Software on the market.

With its streamlined design and user-friendly interface, ExpressExtension will walk you through each step of the process in less than 10 minutes. Everything is spelled out in easy to read instructions, not confusing tax jargon. However, should you have any questions about E-Filing Tax Extensions, you can call, email or chat online with the Express Tax Support Center in Rock Hill, SC at 803-514-5155 between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST, Monday through Friday or email support@expressextension.com.

Supported Tax Extension Forms

The IRS allows individuals, businesses and estates to file a tax return after the deadline by obtaining an extension. Successfully filing for an extension means no late-filing penalty will be assessed unless the return is not filed by the extended deadline.

However, this does not extend the deadline to pay taxes. If you fail to pay your tax bill by the original deadline, you may be subject to penalties and interest.

It provides you to file the extensions with low prices through Online. Filing of tax returns individuals, Businesses, Partnerships, and certain Trusts may be extended up to 7 months easily using ExpressExtension. The extension is only to the time to file Income Tax Returns and not the payment of Tax. IRS allows you to file the tax returns within the period of extension using IRS Form 4868, Form 7004 and Form 8868.

E-File 7004 Now

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